Physiotherapy Treatments

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Veterinary physiotherapy covers a huge range of treatments including hands-on techniques such as manipulation, massage, myofascial release, trigger point release and specific stretches; electrotherapies including long and short wave ultrasound, laser, muscle stimulation, TENS, pulsed magnetic field therapy and H wave; exercise therapy which will consist of rehabilitation programmes, core stability exercises, sport-specific training; as well as providing advice and education on handling, posture and exercise advice and education of conditions and management.

• Electrotherapy
• Massage
• Myofascial trigger point therapy
• Range of movement
• Wound therapy
• Joint mobilisation
• Rehabilitation programme
• Owner/rider advice

Referrals to other professionals when indicated such as Equine Dental technician, farrier and saddler

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Causes of Problems

• Direct injury or trauma – fall, cast, kick
• Lameness
• Underlying pathology
• Badly fitting tack
• Poor rider technique
• Lack of fitness, natural mobility & athletic ability
• Foot balance
• Dental problems

When to Seek Help

• Muscle imbalance & atrophy
• Sore back
• Stiffness & resistance in transitions, schooling & lateral work
• Napping, rearing, bucking or behavioural issues
• Hollowing & lack of engagement
• Incorrect lead or disunited in canter
• Performance deterioration
• Difficulty maintaining an outline or engaging hindquarters
• Reluctance to go forwards
• Uneven shoe wear
• After an injury  & pre / post surgery
• Lameness